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as for your outside director

Labor and Social Security Attorney

As an outside director of the company, please take advantage of the Labor and Social Security Attorney so called "Sharohshi".

What is the Sharohshi?
The Sharohshi is a Legal specialist on labor and social security in Japan.

Labor and Social Security Attorney for more information on the labor situation of Japan, has been doing a number of resolution, such as dismissal problem.

Japan’s Corporate Governance Code

In this Corporate Governance Code, “corporate governance” means a structure for
transparent, fair, timely and decisive decision-making by companies, with due attention
to the needs and perspectives of shareholders and also customers, employees and local
This Corporate Governance Code establishes fundamental principles for effective
corporate governance at listed companies in Japan. It is expected that the Code’s
appropriate implementation will contribute to the development and success of
companies, investors and the Japanese economy as a whole through individual
companies’ self-motivated actions so as to achieve sustainable growth and increase
corporate value over the mid- to long-term.

quoted from TSE documents



The Social Security and Tax Number System